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MOTION PICTURE MARINE is a complete marine production services company. Currently, after more than 23 years experience, our work spans over 1,200 productions, including Blue Crush, Harry Potter, The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, High, Wide and Handsome, Pacifier, Just Like Heaven, The Man, Spanglish, James Bond, and Step into Liquid  ... to name just a few.

We'll arrange the boats, crews, divers and marine coordination for a successful shoot. Need stable footage? Use our light-weight, versatile award winning PERFECT HORIZON unit (mounted between the tripod and fluid head) to provide perfectly stabilized footage for lenses up to 500 mm. 

We maintain photographic files of virtually every type vessel from rowboats, sail and powerboats, classics and jet skis, to freighters.


Shooting West Coast, East Coast or overseas, MOTION PICTURE MARINE provides services worldwide. For 2nd unit, both topside and under- water, our clients have come to know us for quality and creativity.

MPM News
  • Perfect Horizon used in Alaska for BBC (Planet Earth)
  • Versus Network Channel used the Perfect Horizon for Americas Cup footage
  • Perfect Horizon used on new James Bond "Casino Royal"
  • Successful plate shots with Perfect Horizon on "Dreamgirls"
  • Rigging and Set up tips (see also link Application Examples)
  • Perfect Horizon: Scott Duncan Films "Sling Box" Commercial 




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